Thursday, 7 July 2011

International standard signs

Many years ago road signs in Britain changed, this we were told was to comply with international standards. The great thing with standards is that they are so useful everybody wants their own. Their are so many standard screwthreads that if Mr Whitworth was alive today he would turning in his grave. But only if a lathe included in his grave goods. This sign is the Norwegian version seen at Mael. The British sign is a 4-6-0 and is heading the other way. It seems strange that steam locomotives are only seen in preservation or on road signs. The sign for low flying aircraft does not depict a biplane.

Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Question answered

Back in Jan 2010, I asked was this a signal box? I now have answer. As these pictures demonstrate it is in fact a weighbridge. Knowledge rarely provides answers, just changes the questions. What was weighed? It is close to the end of a stub siding so how did that affect operation? Could it be the question mark rather than the opposable thumb that separates us from other animals?